Recruitment Process at GLM

At GLM, we understand that employees are a company’s most valuable investment as such we strive to follow a stringent procedure for recruiting employees to address talent requirements. GLM  has a sophisticated selection process for recruitment, each candidate recruited through GLM  goes through extensive intelligence and psychometric assessment to ensure quality and distinction to our clients. 

 Step One : Comprehensive Assessment of Client Requirements

GLM takes pride in tailoring its selection process for each client. We undertake a detailed review of your organization ,including your business activities, and industry practices to ensure you get the right talent. At this stage, the client has to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with  GLM detailing the recruitment terms. Following this the client issues a Demand letter (containing positions and several requirements), Power of Attorney, and a Specimen Agreement. These documents are used by GLM to procure necessary permissions for activating the recruitment process in India.

Step Two :  Advertising

The primary step involves building a detailed job description which will be the basis for the screening and short listing. The vacancy is then published/ distributed in targeted and several media such as print, periodicals, internet, mailing lists, SMS campaigns and referrals. We also scan our extensive database to short-list potential candidates.

Step Three: Filtering Resumes

In this step, GLM provides a secure and efficient mechanism to receive the resumes in physical or electronic format. The resumes are categorized and sorted according to priority, based on job requirements, Subject experts then approve/ reject resumes.

Step Four: Assessment In this step, GLM would carry out various assessments (tech, trade, behavioral) and if needed conduct a physical interview.

Step Five: Shortlist Creation

All the filtered resumes from different categories are pooled together to create a short list of the desired candidates along with the results of the assessments and interviews.

Step Six:  Presentation to the Employer / Client Selection

This step includes presenting a detailed list of shortlisted candidates to our clients so they can select their choice of candidates. Once the candidate has been interviewed and selected by the client, Ambe will negotiate the salary (if the Client authorizes this) and the employment contract will be prepared and signed. At this point, the process of collecting various documents such as passports, certificates, and photos begins immediately.

Step Seven : Processing

Processing of the candidate’s documents required for a job overseas includes medical testing, visa processing, background checks, police verification, and ECNR stamping on the passport. We have specialized personnel delegated and subcontractors identified to handle the above-mentioned tasks in high volumes.

Step Eight : Candidate Mobilization

Once all the documents are approved and cleared, the travel of the candidate has to be coordinated based onthe availability of tickets. Travel checklists are made for the candidates to travel in batches and notifications are sent to the respective companies to arrange for a meet and greet at their end. If a pre-travel induction is required by the company, this is executed just before departure/ The candidates’ arrival at the overseas destination and their first on-site reporting are also coordinated by our experienced team.